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Download Forex Revisited: Getting Past the Hype to Make Money

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Forex Revisited: Getting Past the Hype to Make Money

Time to re-group

Trading in forex markets has reached a level of momentum where irrational expectations are beginning to interfere with normal business dynamics. While advances in technology have opened up trading opportunities for more individual traders globally, rapid growth in forex markets has inevitably created a gold-rush frenzy among forex brokers and trading suppliers.

Even the global credit-crunch has had little impact on that market growth. Myths, hype and scams will probably continue to emerge like weeds during this current
phase until enough people become disillusioned, causing a forex market contraction in non-institutional business. Meanwhile, as always, opportunities to make a lot of money will present themselves.

This article is about ways forex traders can improve their chances of making money during these turbulent times. It is specially relevant to traders who have already been ‘burnt’ too often by current circumstances and are considering abandoning forex.

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