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Teure Zahnarztrechnung


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Hoffman blew up today. He had Martingaled short about 852 TF contracts and was down about $250K when the system (He uses Infinity) locked the account and closed his position. Total loss about $312K as I guess the Infinity system closed him out with a market order..


I think his ego got to him. There were many times during the 1 1/2 hours he was in the trade that he could have gotten out with a small loss or profit in the $3K to $5K range. He has a number of trend indicators that were all showing down and getting worse, but he ignored them, though he almost never mentions them when he trades.


To top things off he then had to leave for a three hour dental procedure.






Dieser Hoffman scheint ne grosse Nummer da drüben zu sein. Isses der HIER ?


Hier geht es zum Tradingroom(nur 295$/month): KLICK (incl. 1h Video)


Auf jeden Fall nicht nachmachen! :blackjack:

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Die ganzen Martingale Geschichten zerreisst es irgendwann mit einem heftigen Knall, if you are in trouble, then double schaut zeitweise gut aus, aber auf den Long Run führt es zur Kontoschrottung.


"Egotraden" ist sehr gefährlich, habe selbst schon heftig für "und ich werde Recht haben" einbezahlt.

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