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Intercontinental Exchange (ICE) and NYBOT reorganisation


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As of 01 January 2008 Saxo Bank will reorganise Futures contracts under the ICE exchange. This reorganisation will result in the split of the ICE exchange into two separate exchanges: ICE and ICE_NYBOT.


All NYBOT Futures contracts currently under ICE will be moved under ICE_NYBOT.




If you wish to receive or continue receiving live market data for the ICE or the NYBOT Futures contracts after 31 December 2007, you will need to fill-in and sign the ICE/NYBOT Subscribers Agreement and pay the relevant subscription fee. If no action is taken, you will receive delayed market data by default.

It is important to note that this reorganisation has been initiated by Saxo Bank in order to comply with the reporting requirements from NYBOT and ICE.


Monthly Subscriber Fees

Below is a table displaying the monthly subscription fees for ICE and NYBOT. Neither of the exchanges differentiates between professional and non-professional investors. Furthermore, please note that the fee for Level 1 and Level 2 (Market Depth) is the same under the ICE exchange, whereas Saxo Bank will only offer Level 1 under the ICE_NYBOT exchange.





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