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Tradesports & 1stTick.com | Welcome Offer für Bluevex Us

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Bluevex Traders,


TradeSports market makers are currently investigating the trading and algorithm requirements to be able to offer the range contracts you've been trading at Bluevex. In the meantime, we'd like to extend an offer to Bluevex Traders to join Trade Exchange Network, and trade for free for 60 days on the financial contracts.


The only thing you need to do is fill out a registration form at the sign up page and type "Bluevex" in the PROMOTION field.


This offer is applies to all Bluevex traders, so if you think others would be interested, go ahead and forward this mail.


Hope to see you trading on TradeSports!



60 Tage gebührenfrei handeln


Zusammenfassung des Angebots:

  • alle (ex Bluevex) User, die sich neu bei Tradesports/ Intrade registrieren, können 60 Tage lang Financials gebührenfrei handeln
  • man arbeitet an einer technischen Lösung, die ein Handeln der so genannten "Range Kontrakte" möglich machen soll





Bitte beachten:


User, die sich zwischen dem 10.08.2006 und 23.08. 2006 bei Tradesports registriert haben, können den "Welcome Bonus" nachträglich geltend machen.


The only thing you need to do in order to get a bonus is email at help@tradesports.com and quote "Bluevex" in the subject line.


Hierzu einfach eine Email mit der Betreffzeile "Bluevex" an help@tradesports.com senden. Bedingung: die Email Adresse muss mit der Email Adresse identisch sein, die bei der Registrierung angegeben wurden.

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All of us at Subcard are saddened to hear of the Bluevex news and the trouble this has created for Bluevex traders. For former Bluevex traders looking for a new home, we will offer a special two-month trial of 1stTick Standard Edition free of charge.


Simply email us at support@subcardlimited.com when your 30-day 1stTick trial expires and you will receive another month of 1stTick Standard Edition free. Please include your 1stTick expiration number and unique Bluevex user name.

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