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CityOdds offers you the latest and most accessible way to bet on the world’s financial and non-financial markets and for a fixed outlay. CityOdds offers instant Fixed Odds bets that you can buy and sell throughout the day.


Fast and competitive pricing is what drives CityOdds. Its revolutionary interface allows you buy and trade your views in Real Time! Take a look




Making a CityOdds Real Money Bet from as little as £5


CityOdds Ltd is wholly owned and controlled by CityOdds Limited. CityOdds Ltd is regulated by the Gambling Commission Licence No. 000-002689-R-104198-001. Incorporated in England No. 05319234. Limited by shares. Registered address: 134 Addison Gardens, London, W14 0DS UK. CityOdds is for UK residents only and its use is expressly forbidden by residents of or visitors to the United States


Anbieter Screening/ Review


Die Webseite des Unternehmens sieht auf den ersten Blick nicht gerade sehr vielversprechend. Das mag daran liegen, das man sich noch in der Betaphase befindet. Bei der Software haben wir bessere aber auch bedeutendend schlechtere Tools gesehen.


Eine Übersicht der angebotenen Produkte ist leider (noch) nicht verfügbar. Ein Live-Review können wir nicht durchführen, da Kunden aus Deutschland derzeit nicht akzeptiert werden.

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Ist mir als Info irgendwo durch die Lappen gegangen..., sorry


PR vom 10. Juli 2008


CityOdds Ltd Launches UK Regulated Online Financial Markets Betting Site


Live fixed odds betting and trading on financial markets door_in.png

CityOdds Ltd (http://www.cityodds.com ), a London-based financial fixed odds bookmaking company, releases its public version of CityOdds today, a major step in bringing to the marketplace clear, competitively priced fixed odds bets and binary bets on the financial indices.


CityOdds gives users a graphical interface to the major financial markets. Six live indices including gold and oil are available to trade. Bets may be constructed to suit perfectly the user’s opinion on where markets will close and may be bought and sold throughout the day. CityOdds will be regularly adding new and exciting markets. Bets are settled at the end of each trading day so many short term trading strategies are available.


With access to hundreds of thousands of users in the UK - over 400,000 people currently bet on the financial markets online – CityOdds offers trading in real money bets (currently UK only) and free to join training groups and trading leagues. CityOdds is currently the only service in the UK delivering a graphical and multiple market platform across browsers for both Mac and PC. There is no software to install and the service operates comfortably on broadband connections below 1Mbps.


Mike Chadney, CEO of CityOdds, comments: "Public take-up of financial betting and trading has continued its rapid growth. More and more people are finding entertainment and profitable strategies using financial markets as their base. CityOdds provides a clear and easy way to understand products with no explicit commissions, costs or tax complications* and users cannot lose more than they bet. It is important for the UK to deliver world leading innovation in regulated capital markets trading technology, and CityOdds combines advanced technology with price competitiveness that will put it at the forefront of fixed odds electronic trading."


CityOdds expects to see further take-up of its service as users join its trading leagues. By joining a league, users can compete with other traders and win prizes or cash depending on their trading performance. These leagues provide a convenient and fun way to trade the markets for limited or no outlay. Leagues based around economic figure releases will follow soon and could provide interesting insights and market consensus predictions.



CityOdds is wholly owned by CityOdds Limited, a UK based and regulated remote fixed odds financial betting company.


From its inception in 2005, CityOdds has developed a real time, high capacity trading platform that offers competitive fixed odds financial bets on the world’s financial markets.


Targeted at existing financial traders and those interested in a limited risk means to trade the global financial markets, CityOdds provides a free means to train and practice trading before moving on to the CityOdds real money trading facility.


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