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Exchange Traded Funds


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Exchange Traded Funds


Have you ever considered spread betting on Exchange Traded Funds? ETFs are index funds traded on a stock exchange, just like shares, and offer an easy way of gaining exposure to a particular index, sector, commodity or basket.


ETFs represent an unparalleled range of instruments through which exposure can be gained to less well-known markets, such as the MSCI Brazil Fund, tracking Brazil's leading shares, or the China 25 Tracker which allows you to bet on an equity market otherwise unavailable. You can even specialise in going short on a sector or market.


And as a spread bet any potential profit is tax-free, while you can take advantage of leverage not typically available to the retail investor through other conventional channels.




A range of ETFs

Alongside our range of commodity-based ETFs, such as Oil and Gold, we also offer a huge number of exotic and emerging markets, including Global Clean Energy, Turkey equities and our Emerging Markets index.

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