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Justrade.com - Binary Options Trading platform of BESA


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News von der Binary (Options) Front - diesmal aus Südafrika :wink:


Justrade.com is the Binary Options Trading platform of BESA. It operates as an online trading platform, allowing easy access to a wide variety of affordable and unique financial contracts with relatively low risk.




Bond Exchange of South Africa Limited (BESA) is an independent, licensed exchange, constituted as a public company, and responsible for operating and regulating capital markets in South Africa. It was granted its exchange licence in 1996 and has been at the forefront of market developments in South Africa. In December 2007 BESA entered a new era, successfully converting from a mutual association to a public company. As a demutualised exchange, BESA has raised capital to grow the business, diversify revenues and accelerate the development of financial market infrastructure in South Africa. As market regulator, BESA operates within the framework of the Securities Services Act 2005 and a set of rules and directives in terms of the SSA of 2004 BESA is regulated by the Financial Services Board (FSB). BESA's rules and directives serve as a tool for regulating both issuers and trading participants. All securities listed by the Exchange must meet minimum disclosure standards. Extensive rules also apply to trading participants, with BESA undertaking active surveillance over all aspects of market activity as well as requiring compliance with a variety of best-practice standards.



Prediction Markets (Pty) Ltd is an authorised user of the Bond Exchange of South Africa Limited (BESA), facilitating direct market access for registered customers to binary options contracts listed on BESA. BESA facilitates trading by matching buy and sell orders from customers. Prediction Markets (Pty) Ltd does not trade or take positions on the exchange.



Binary Options als Cartoon erklärt :laugh:


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