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UK’s first browser-based Direct Market Access (DMA) platform


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  • Total transparency for CFD traders
  • Interact directly with the order books of equity exchanges worldwide
  • Development to the award-winning PureDeal platform
  • Direct response to client feedback


One of the UK’s leading CFD providers, IG Markets, is set to offer its clients the UK’s first browser-based Direct Market Access (DMA) platform. From Friday 20 February 2009, traders will be able to place DMA orders on a comprehensive range of equity products from within the award-winning PureDeal platform.


Extensive consultation with existing clients and regular CFD traders highlighted the increasing demand for DMA functionality on an easy-to-use and browser-based platform. PureDMA is IG Markets’ response to this.


PureDMA allows traders to see genuine market prices and variations, as well as the aggregated volume of buyers and sellers at each price, giving them increased control over their trading.


According to IG Markets’ Head of Sales Trading, Tim Hughes, transparency of pricing is rapidly becoming a necessity in the CFD market.


“PureDMA is IG Markets’ answer to CFD traders who have demanded the absolute clarity of pricing and trading flexibility offered by DMA. Our development of PureDMA shows how seriously we take client feedback,” Mr Hughes said.


“We have always offered guaranteed market pricing on CFD trades, but PureDMA really takes pricing transparency to the next level and keeps us at the cutting edge of the CFD market,” he added.


Combining the benefits of DMA across thousands of global shares with the flexibility and ease-of-use of the browser-based PureDeal platform is going to be a defining moment for the UK’s CFD industry,” Mr Hughes concluded.


There are four main advantages of trading CFDs on PureDMA. Clients can:


  • set their own price and minimise the cost of the bid/offer spread by trading directly with other market participants
  • gain access to market-depth prices and see the relative weight of buying and selling orders on either side of the exchange
  • enter pre- and post-market auctions
  • time trades based on levels of liquidity


Because PureDMA is part of the PureDeal platform, clients will still have access to IG Markets’ broad range of ‘over the counter’ (OTC) products, including forex, commodities and indices – all from within the same account.


PureDMA is entirely browser-based, enabling trading anywhere and at anytime. The platform also includes DealThru Charting technology, which makes it possible to trade by simply clicking on a market’s chart.


IG Markets advises that trading CFDs may not be suitable for everyone, as they are a geared product and can result in losses that exceed the initial deposit.

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