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Kann man wöchentlich bei inside-analytics.com (Beispiel) abholen oder sich bei den jeweiligen Aufsichtsbehörden erkundigen, wann und wo meldepflichtige Transaktionen stattgefunden haben.


Spannende Geheimnisse werden durch den Service nicht aufgedeckt. Trotzdem ist es ein guter Anfang für Trader, deren Investitionsentscheidungen u.a. auf diesen Daten aufbauen.


inside-analytics.com offers access to European directors' dealings for investors. Our service comprises information of over 5,000 companies in 20 European countries. We offer a full history for most companies. Our data is constantly checked for plausibility by analysts and with proprietary algorithms.


We also offer you a number of very useful alpha-generating tools designed to help investors make informed decisions and screen for investment opportunities. You can choose from a wide array of services, ranging from web access with customisable tools and views to tailor-made solutions including data feeds.


About 2iQ Research


2iQ Research was founded in 2002 by Patrick and Robert Hable at Frankfurt University, supported by the Chair of Banking and Finance (Prof. Dr. Mark Wahrenburg) and the Chair of Electronic Commerce (Prof. Dr. Bernd Skiera).


The company has specialised in behavioural finance as well as quantitative processing and analysis of capital market data. 2iQ has successfully developed financial applications for several years and advised different mutual funds and managed accounts.





Alternativ kann man natürlich auch den Service des Ernsting Verlages insider-alarm.de nutzen.

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