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FXMarketSpace - Erste "centrally-cleared" OTC FX Plattform (CME und Reuters)


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FXMarketSpace: An Overview


FXMarketSpace is the first centrally-cleared OTC foreign exchange (FX) trading platform. It was formed through a 50/50 joint venture between two FX industry leaders, Reuters and CME to serve the evolving needs of the FX market, including speed, efficiency, centralized clearing and complete anonymity.


A Powerful Combination


FXMarketSpace represents the combination of a central counterparty model and clearing function of CME, with the global distribution network and straight-through processing capability of Reuters. It is supported by market-leading technology which offers elements not found in any other FX platform:


* centrally cleared OTC trading

* fully anonymous execution

* choice of access

* industry-leading matching engine


Meeting the Needs of a Changing Market


FXMarketSpace is targeted to meet the growing FX needs of banks and other financial institutions including traditional asset managers, proprietary trading firms, leveraged funds, overlay currency managers, hedge funds and CTAs. It is designed to provide increased price transparency, introduce trading anonymity, and heighten FX market accessibility. Combined, these three features hold enormous potential to deepen FX market liquidity and market efficiency for the next generation of FX trading.


FXMarketSpace offers participants unprecedented access to its platform through a variety of means including:


* CME's iLink API

* Reuters Dealing 3000 and Reuters 3000 Xtra desktops

* Reuters standard transactions API

* Select Independent Software Vendors (ISVs)

* eFX portals of participating clearing member firms


Providing Access to All Major Currencies


FXMarketSpace will initially support spot FX transactions in six major currencies against the U.S. dollar: the euro, Japanese yen, British pound, Australian dollar, Swiss franc and Canadian dollar. Four cross currency pairs will also be supported.





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Nennenswert wäre noch, dass FXMarketspace keine Trading Plattform für Retail Kunden ist.

Das Angebot richtet sich an Institutionelle wie Großbanken, Brokerfirmen und Hedgefonds (...institutions including traditional asset managers, proprietary trading firms, leveraged funds, overlay currency managers, hedge funds and CTAs.)

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