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06/09/2007 ChoiceOdds - Changes to Terms and Conditions

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04/27/2007 ChoiceOdds - Changes to Terms and Conditions



(1) Terms and Conditions


We have revised our ChoiceOdds Terms and Conditions. When you log in to the site for the first time on or after Tuesday 1st May, you will be presented with the new Terms and Conditions. These new terms are designed to be more accessible, and I strongly recommend you take the chance to read them before betting. These changes have been made in preparation for the new gambling regulations which come in to force later this year.


(2) Betting Rules - settlement of 5 minute bets


One of the main changes is to our Betting Rules, and specifically the settlement for 5 minute Up / Down bets which close exactly on the strike price. To clarify, the majority of bets will not be affected by this change, only those which settle exactly on the strike price.


Currently, if the market closes exactly on the strike price, bets are settled as if the market closed above the strike price. This will remain the case for all bets except 5 minute Up / Down bets.


As of Tuesday 1st May, 5 minute Floating Up / Down bets will settle on a split basis. In the event of the market closing exactly on the strike price:


50% of your stake will be lost

50% of your stake will be paid out as a winning bet



This will bring us in line with other companies in the industry.


We are committed to offering the best financial betting service, and these changes will help us to maintain our good service. If you should have any questions about the new terms and conditions or bet settlement rules, please do not hesitate to contact us on 020 7620 1551 or help@choiceodds.com




Kind regards,

Richard Clarke

Customer Relations


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Sunday, 06/09/2007

Service Announcement


Adjustments to ChoiceOdds Terms and Conditions:


From Monday 11th June, the following changes to our Terms and Conditions will come in to effect:


- The FTSE hourly markets will start at 8am, with the first FTSE bet market each day running from 8am to 9am.

- The Euro/Yen and Euro/Sterling currency pairing bet markets will now close at 3pm. The last 5 minute and hourly markets of the day and the daily market for these currency pairings will all close at 3pm.


Our full terms and conditions can be accessed here.


This offers a fantastic opportunity for the early birds among you to take a view over breakfast. The first hour of the day is often highly volatile and it's your chance to bet on what can often be a very large movement. What are you waiting for? Visit ChoiceOdds now.

Good Luck!




Richard Clarke

Head of Customer Relations


The Financial Bookmaker

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