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I've seen that there are quite a few posts about BetOnMarkets on this forum... does anyone know if they are reliable? Does anyone have an account with them? :?



Hello whiskers, welcome here! It is always nice to see new financial trader around, especially if they come from other countries than germany.

May I ask where you come from and how do you find us?



Regarding your query - yes, I have an account @BetonMarkets. It's a long time ago since I've close my last position there ;-).

From my experience and from that what I know about the company I can assure that they're reliable. The Holding is listed on a stock exchange and the revenues grow up year by year.

This is always a good sign for a healthy company.


In which kind of financial trading you are interested in? Betonmarkets providing currently only Fixed Odds, ChoiceOdds for instance provides Fixed Odds and Binaries.

Would be great If you could tell us a bit more about your interests and experience, here are a lot of skilled financial traders around. I'm sure they'll give you a little bit assistance -if needed.




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To be honest i am still very new at this! I came across the website and i've tried their demo account and i was thinking of opening an account to try them out. Maybe start off with a small amount...don't want to get ripped off. I just wanted to know if they are reliable when it comes to withdrawals... obviously assuming that you win .... :roll:


I'm interested in forex and stock indices mainly.....but like I said, i'm still very new at this...and still looking around for alternatives. :)

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Welcome whiskers!


I think betonmarkets is a good choice for all trader, who are familar with stock exchange and currency trading. Financial Fixed Odds working nearly in the same manner like sportbets. They are a great opportunity for people which have trading skills and dont want invest to much money. For a small amount you can make a lot of money in return, risks are manageable, but its needless to say that it is possible to lose the whole stage. Our credo here is - no risk no fun. Thats why we're travelling around the web and looking for the best conditions. Sometimes we grab incentives from those providers. This makes it easier for people to open an account. So please check if BOM offers a free trading amount or something similar.




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To celebrate BetOnMarkets.co.uk, the fixed-odd financial betting operator, hitting £200m turnover in the UK, it released 200 balloons outside St. Paul’s earlier today. Each balloon contained a £10 free bet for punters to have a go on the website. BetOnMarkets achieved this result in the seven years since it started operating in the UK in 2000. If any of the balloons are found in America, BetOnMarkets regrets to announce that the £10 free bet excludes US citizens due to the 2006 Unlawful Internet Gaming Enforcement Act!



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