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Erfahrungsaustausch ESignal 11


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ich ziehe hier mal einen neuen thread auf, da ja in meinem "Scripting-Hilfe" thread sich nun einige user und interessiert für 11.2 gefunden haben.


seit gestern gibt es ein Update für 11.2 (2399), da sind wieder einige bugs beseitigt worden:




Release Notes

- Backup: 64-bit PCs can now backup and be restored to 32-bit PCs

- Chart: Crosshairs now display correctly after a cancelled order in a chart

- Chart: Equity-based spread charts now load faster

- Depth: No longer crashes when trying to request Forex symbols

- EFS: Data is now returning as expected when characters are requeried

- EFS: Symbol and interval limits that can be called by an EFS is once again correctly set to 10

- EFS: drawText functions now work correctly with multiple symbols

- News: MarketWatch news service is now correctly displayed

- Trading: An issue relating to the reporting of usage for CME-fee waivers is once again working as expected

- Trading: Flatten All now correctly closes all orders and positions across all symbols

- Trading: IB Plug-in is much more responsive when a large number of symbols exist in the dictionary

- Trading: IB Plug-in now correctly registers symbols to the dictionary when a large number of positions are open

- Trading: IB Plug-in now correctly displays quotes after it has reconnected

- Trading: Multiple clicks on the "X" of a position line in a chart now only submits one order

- Trading: Rejected cancellations are once again handled correctly

- Trading: Currenex plug-in is now receiving position and account data correctly


keep on trading!



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Nabend allerseits,


habe jetzt 11.3 am Start und es wird immer besser. Jetzt kann man Alerts auf alle möglichen Charttools legen.

Horizontale und vertikale Lines, Fibos, auch Rechtecke.


Nutzt sonst noch jemand ESignal hier?


... oder muss ich mal in einem anderen Forum suchen?





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