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The bots of FX


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Ein Blick hinter die Kulissen des High Frequency Trading im FX


The bots of FX


The bots of FX
High Frequency traders (HFT) have been around for a long time. What else were the locals on the SFE back in the floor days and at the establishment of many contracts except HFT? But we never thought of them in the way that many, myself included, think of the HFT guys theses days. No, we thought of these locals as important providors of liquidity and a defence against markets gapping.


Sure you knew if you worked at a big bank that could move the market from time to time they would get in front of you sometimes or snipe away to take a point or two but equally you knew that some of the big guys, Rambo for example, would often take on big opposing positions to you.


But much has changed since those niave days when it was a local’s skill and cunning around the pit that made him or her an integral part of the market, loathed by some but respected by most, as just trying to make a quid


Quelle: Macrobusiness.com.au


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