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ChoiceOdds - 5 Pfund Trading Bonus

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5 minute betting is the most exciting way to play the financial markets. ChoiceOdds is the home of 5 minute betting, offering the widest range and the best odds. We are now offering odds up to 33/1 and binary spreads down to 2 points!


We've credited your account with £5 for you to HAVE A GO RIGHT NOW!


The bonus must be used in the next 7 days on any 5 minute market. You can use it either as 5 £1 bets or for one or more binary bets. See below for full terms and conditions.


Good luck!


Terms and Conditions of this offer:


(1) The bonus must be used to bet on a five minute market.

(2) The bonus must be used to place either 5 separate £1 bets or to place one or more binary bets.

(3) Any unused bonus will be removed at the end of June 14th 2007.

(4) The bonus cannot be withdrawn during this period under any circumstances. You are free to withdraw any winnings from the bets placed with this bonus.

(5) If you have bet the bonus according to the rules before the end of June 14th 2007, the bonus is yours to keep.

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