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ChoiceOdds - Holiday Schedule 2007

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Newsletter: 04/07/2007


ChoiceOdds Market Update: US Bank Holiday, 4th July


USA - Independence Day


Due to a public holiday in the USA tomorrow (4th July), Wall Street markets will close at 18.00 today.


Although today's markets are open for just half a day, ChoiceOdds still offers the following bets:


- 5 minute Wall Street bets are available between 14.45 and 18.00 today

- Hourly Wall Street bets are available between 15.30 and 17.30 today

- Midday Wall Street bets are available between 14.45 and 18.00 as per usual

- Daily Wall Street bets will not be available today due to the 18.00 expiry


US markets will be closed on Wednesday. Trading will resume as normal on Thursday 5th July.


Futhermore, on Wednesday 4th July the following markets will close early at 18.00:


- All currency pairs (except EUR/YEN and EUR/GBP which close at 15.00)

- Brent Oil

FTSE and Dax will trade normal market hours and are unaffected by the above.

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