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Betonmarkets De-Mystifies Fixed Odds Trading at Its Seminar at the Holiday Inn Kensignton

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Infor für all jene, die an dem Tag grad zufällig in London sind ;-)


London, United Kingdom, July 06, 2007 --(PR.com)-- "Let Alan Rich teach you the things you Must master in order to Succeed Massively at Trading Fixed Odds"


Don't miss this amazing Free seminar Holiday Inn Kensington, London Friday evening 13th July.


Profitable trading and investing is a skill that can be mastered, giving you a lifestyle of independence. The key is to learn the right way, from a professional trader who puts his own money on the line every day.


Alan Rich is a well known trader specialising in day trading the US and swing trading the UK markets. He has authored several seminars on CD with Clickevents, appeared on CNBC Europe and has been featured in the Financial Times.


Alan has made his living for over six years from the markets and day trades the US and UK markets for a living. Every day Alan day trades the US markets where he takes daily profits, often doing so, live in front of other US traders.


During this complimentary seminar, Alan will show how you can trade shares, capturing swing trading moves that last from a few days to weeks and months that can make incredible profits of 15%, 23%, 84% and much more in just a few days.


Content includes:

How the secret to trading the UK market was starring Alan in the face

How to use secretive chart pattern set ups to enter and exit multi day swing trading moves

How to spot those strong blast off days that give those massive profits up to 48 hours before they happen.

How to use spread bets to your advantage, and why you should also use CFDs and buy & sell conventional shares

How a little known swing trading set up can net you 22% in just seven trading days. Which charts and trading resources you need and the ones you don't.


Plus Demystifying Fixed Odds Trading


Meet Michael Wright who is a successful trader and director of Betonmarkets


Michael will demonstrate the possibilities and potential of fixed odds trading and its advantages over spread betting. Content includes what trades to use in certain market conditions and how to successfully apply technical analysis to the Bet-on-Markets trading platform. Plus, how to trade these:




Spreads and Stop Bets


Don't miss these trading opportunities, come along and find out how you can trade these incredible moves and create a winning trading strategy.


Holiday Inn Kensington, London Friday evening 13th July at 6.45pm


The seminar is entirely free - Traders Class members will have priority and they are very restricted on numbers.


Contact Information

Regent Markets (Malta) Ltd

Joanna Frendo




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