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Google Search Partner GNET.COM Announces $100 Million Online Contest


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100 Millionen $ Preisgeld


Gesetzt den Fall es gäbe dieses Jahr kein Weihnachtsgeld, dann könnte diese Offerte vielleicht für den Einen oder Anderen von Interesse sein ;-).


GNET.COM, powered by Google (NASDAQ:GOOG), is shaking up the Internet by launching a $100 Million prize giveaway at http://www.Gnet.com/ .


"The prize gets people's attention and people talking," says Masud Osman, Chief Executive Officer of GNET.COM Corporation. "Along with a great Internet home page, the public gets a chance to win $100 Million." In the near future, GNET.COM sponsors will have a vehicle to promote their products to a smart, global audience.


Masud Osman, an entrepreneur who began his career as a computer security and networking professional, says he's excited to be doing the giveaway. "This is unprecedented. No one's ever done something of this magnitude and we're thrilled to be making history."


The Giveaway


To win prizes, visitors register once using only their email address at the web address http://www.Gnet.com/ . Each time they return to GNET.COM, they automatically accumulate GNET.COM Points which serve as virtual raffle tickets towards the $100 Million prize drawing. GNET.COM Members can watch their GNET.COM Points accumulate on a rolling ticker. GNET.COM can also be used as an Internet Super Portal without registering, but GNET.COM Points won't accumulate for the $100 Million prize drawing.


About GNET.COM Corporation


GNET.COM - It's Where The Internet Starts! GNET.COM makes the Internet easy, fast, and rewarding. GNET.COM combines the best of the Internet into a single, customizable start up page along with an exciting $100 Million prize drawing.





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