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MBTrading- Aktualisierte Datenschutzrichtlinie


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MBTrading hat seine Datenschutzrichtlinie aktualisiert.(Link heute per Mail erhalten)




Was die da so alles anzapfen. :rolleyes:




Our employees or representatives may collect nonpublic personal information about you from various sources including:


Your account application or other supplemental account forms.

Your transactional history with affiliates MB Trading and/or MB Trading Futures, Inc.

Your account records including transactional history with nonaffiliates Penson Financial Services, Inc. and Penson Futures, where it is appropriate

Information from credit reporting agencies (e.g. Experian, Equifax, and Trans Union).

Current and prior employers, federal and state agencies.

Consumer reporting agencies such as McDonald Information Service, Inc.


Die werden doch, bei Leuten wie uns :mocking_mini: , nicht das FBI vergessen!?

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Heute habe ich ein Aufklärungsschreiben von MBTrading bekommen,

dass an alle Kunden versendet worden ist und Informationen bzgl. dem Handling von Slippage und Requoting enthält.

Ich wollte deswegen keinen neuen Thread öffnen und denke, dass man das auch gut hier unterbringen kann. :declare:



Dear Client:


NFA is requiring FDMs to provide clients with full written disclosure about the manner in which it handles customer forex transactions. For your convenience, we have included the disclosure in this e-mail notification.


Slippage and Price Requoting Disclosure


MB Trading Futures offers a fully integrated order display and execution system for the trading of foreign currency pairs known as the Electronic Xrossing Network, or EXN. The proprietary EXN afford customers the ability to post their limit orders on the montage for other customers and liquidity providers to see and fill against. This provides fast execution and gives clients opportunities for price improvement. This creates a transparent FX pricing model in a non-deal desk environment where customers are participating in creating the market, tightening spreads, and improving execution speeds for both sides.




Slippage is the difference between the displayed quote, and the price the trade actually executes at. While slippage may be used by unscrupulous forex dealer to take advantage of their customers, MB Trading Futures does not (1) employ any manipulative slippage practices; or (2) use asymmetrical slippage parameters. During periods of high volatility such as fast market conditions and/or delays in the transmission of orders, customers may experience some slippage as a market update may occur at any time from the moment the order message is dispatched by the customer and the time the destination receives that order for execution.


Price Requoting


Price requoting is a practice of immediately requoting the current displayed price. While the practice of price requoting may be employed by unscrupulous forex dealer to take advantage of their customers, MB Trading Futures does not engage in price requoting practices.


Guiding Principles


The guiding principles behind MB Trading Futures is to afford all customers (1) equal opportunities to provide and access liquidity within the EXN; (2) access the same liquidity at equal prices through multiple liquidity providers; and (3) an opportunity for best execution.


MB Trading Futures strives to provide customers with tight and competitive spreads to prevent slippage or price requoting; however, there may be instances when spreads widen beyond the typical spreads due to news events, thin markets and insufficient liquidity. MB Trading Futures also strives to maintain sufficient system capacity and trade integrity.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.




MB Trading


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