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Cantorbinaries heißen jetzt Cantoralphabet


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Die gehören zu Cantorindex.


Das stehts :roll:





Cantor AlphaBet is the Financial Fixed Odds division of Cantor Index Limited, a leading financial and sports spread betting company, established in 2000. Cantor AlphaBet offers real-time online fixed-odds betting on the rise and fall of a wide range of financial markets from global indices and commodities to foreign exchange.


Financial fixed-odds betting with Cantor AlphaBet is an innovative and exciting new way to speculate on the movements of financial markets. Financial fixed-odds betting offers you the ability to place a bet on odds offered on whether a specific product (e.g. FTSE index) will finish above or below a predetermined market level.


You can bet on hourly and daily markets but unlike any other fixed odds financial betting, you can bet on how the market will fluctuate every 5 minutes. We also offer you the opportunity to bet on a high line or low line to increase the amount you can win on large market movements. The product offers you up to fourteen betting opportunities on each market at any one time.


Financial fixed-odds betting with Cantor AlphaBet offers you these key benefits:


* A name with heritage

* Real-time prices

* Superior customer service

* Online Betting

* Professional charting and news

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