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Found 5 results

  1. Google übersetzen Hallo, ich bin der Kerl, der die Videos gemacht. Ich fand dieses Forum, weil der Verkehr die ich in meine Website zu erhalten. Ich habe die Website geöffnet, weil die MetaQuotes wurde entfernt hat meine Videos aus allen Video-Kanäle. Ich habe MT-Manager und Administratoren helfen, Dateien hochgeladen dort. Zum ecnjesus.com die Hilfe-Dateien herunterladen und anschauen der Videos. Mach dir keine Sorgen, ich bin nicht alles verkaufen und es ist nicht Ihren Penis vergrößern Website. Vergessen Sie nicht, anderen davon zu erzählen. _____________________ Hello, i am the guy who made the videos. I found this forum because of the traffic i get into my website. I have opened the website, because the metaquotes has been removing my videos from all the video channels. I have uploaded MT Manager and administrator help files there. Go to ecnjesus.com to download the help files and watch the videos. Don't worry, I'm not selling anything and it's not enlarge your penis website. Don't forget to tell others about it.
  2. Das ich das noch erleben darf.... Danke DODD-FRANK! Quelle: National Futures Association (NFA) http://www.nfa.futures.org/NFA-images/hdr-nfa.gif --- Effective Date of NFA Interpretive Notice to NFA Compliance Rule 2-36 regarding Price Slippage and Price Requoting The Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) recently approved NFA's Interpretive Notice entitled NFA Compliance Rule 2-36: Requirements for Forex Transactions. NFA Compliance Rule 2-36 imposes a number of requirements on Forex Dealer Members (FDMs) regarding the manner in which they handle customer forex transactions, which are designed to ensure that an FDM acts honestly, fairly and in the best interests of its customers. NFA's Business Conduct Committee has recently taken a number of disciplinary actions against FDMs for violations of this Rule based on practices they employ in handling price changes that occur from the time a customer enters an order until the time it reaches the FDM's trading system. This Interpretive Notice provides guidance to FDMs on how to deal with these circumstances in a manner that does not violate NFA Compliance Rule 2-36. The Interpretive Notice becomes effective March 26, 2012. The Interpretive Notice provides examples of asymmetrical price slippage settings that have been used by FDMs that clearly violate NFA Compliance Rule 2-36 because the settings allow the FDM to manipulate the prices that the forex customer receives and allows the FDM to benefit from the price slippage to the detriment of the customer. The Interpretive Notice also makes it clear that any asymmetrical slippage settings or requoting practices that provide an advantage to the FDM to the detriment of the forex customer violate NFA Compliance Rule 2-36. In order to avoid violating NFA Compliance Rule 2-36 when addressing these price changes, FDMs must adhere to the following: FDMs must apply the slippage setting uniformly regardless of the direction the market has moved; If the FDM requotes prices when the market moves against it, it must requote prices when the market moves in its favor; and FDMs must ensure that the customer is aware of how the FDM handles these price change circumstances prior to trading with the FDM by providing full written disclosure of its policy, including the information outlined in the Interpretive Notice. For existing customers, FDMs must provide written disclosure prior to the effective date of this Interpretive Notice. FDMs must also have written procedures that outline the manner it handles price changes, including information on the application of any slippage parameters and requoting practices. Finally, FDMs must ensure that any of its promotional material that discusses the mechanics of its trading system does not include information that misrepresents or is misleading with respect to its price slippage and requoting practices. FDMs should be aware that although the Interpretive Notice becomes effective on March 26, 2012, the practices described in the Notice are already violations of Compliance Rule 2-36.
  3. Die NFA greift durch.... NFA levies [b $2,000,00[/b]0 monetary sanction against FXCM and orders refunds to customers]August 12, Chicago - National Futures Association (NFA) has issued a Decision imposing a $2,000,000 monetary sanction against Forex Capital Markets LLC (FXCM) in settlement of a Complaint issued by NFA's Business Conduct Committee on August 12, 2011. The Complaint cited FXCM for retaining gains derived from asymmetrical positive price slippage; failing to adopt or carry out adequate procedures to ensure the efficient execution of all customer orders; failing to treat all customers equally when giving price adjustments; failing to adequately investigate suspicious activity in several customers' accounts; and - together with its principal Dror Niv - failing to supervise. FXCM is a Futures Commission Merchant, Retail Foreign Exchange Dealer, and Forex Dealer Member located in New York, New York. In addition to the $2,000,000 monetary sanction, FXCM must credit the accounts of its customers the amount of asymmetrical positive slippage which its customers experienced on their trades from and after June 18, 2008 and provide verification to NFA of these credits. In the future, FXCM is prohibited from engaging in price slippage or margin liquidation practices, as described in the Complaint. FXCM must also enhance existing procedures to ensure efficient execution of customer orders and compliance with NFA's anti-money laundering requirements. Anklageschrift: Complaint_ForexCapitalMarketsLLC&DrorNiv_2011_0812.pdf Entscheidung: Decision_ForexCapitalMarketsLLC&DrorNiv_2011_0812.pdf Quelle: NFA Börsenkurs FXCM
  4. Die NFA hat ein Verfahren gegen GAIN geführt, Ergebnis und Details siehe pdf. Das berühmte Virtaul Dealer Plug in war auch dabei, ich weiss schon, warum ich nur ECNs mag und um Metatrader den grösstmöglichen Bogen mache! http://www.nfa.futur...spx?seqnum=2461
  5. Da es anscheinend immer noch Leute gibt die BurgerKing/qtmspin Thread über Broker plugin nicht kennen hier mal ein Linkdahin. JEDER der mit der MT4 Tradingplattform arbeitet sollte sich im Klaren darüber sein. Das war damals ein echter Schock für mich.
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